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Key West Scuba Diving

We offer multiple trips per day for both Reef & Wreck Diving.

Key West Scuba Diving

Dive the former missile-tracking ship the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg. The ship is resting on the bottom of the ocean.

Dive the Vandenberg

Get your scuba diving certification with Key West Dive Center and dive anywhere in the world.

Diving Certifications

Snorkel the only living coral reef in North America.

Snorkeling Tours

Key West Diving

Our scuba diving trips operate using only the finest Newton dive boats. Our newest vessel is a modern, state-of-the-art 50-ft. Newton diving vessel and is also our fastest dive boat. All of our boats include fresh water showers, rest rooms, large dive platforms and ladders, plenty of storage space for dive gear and photo tables to safely place your photo and video equipment.

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Diving Certifications

Become a scuba diver! While in Key West why not try out a scuba diving certification course. Let the friendly and experienced dive instructors help you complete your certification with us. Our Padi Certified instruction courses will allow you to dive anywhere in the world. Our affordable scuba diving certifications will get you fully certified in as little as two days.

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Resort Course Dive

Not quite ready to get your scuba diving certification? The Key West Discover Scuba Diving Resort Course Dive allows you to dive without a certification. After receiving full diving instructions and practicing a dive in our pool you will be able to join us on a full two tank dive. Learn what it is like to breathe underwater with our Discover Scuba Diving Resort Course Dive

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Key West Diving

Key West Dive Center provides top quality Key West Diving. Our company operates state-of-the-art dive boats including our custom built 50’ Newton Diving Boat, which is the newest and fastest in Key West. Our boats have fresh water showers, restroom facilities, large dive platforms and ladders, ample storage space for dive gear, and photo tables for photo and video equipment. Join us on one of our many scuba diving trips in the waters off of Key West. Key West is home to some of the most wreck rich sites including the Vandenberg.

Key West Scuba Diving

Key West is the best vacation destination for anything tropical, and especially the best for any activity that is in the water. With crystal clear, blue, ocean waters, Key West is the prime location for scuba diving or snorkeling, and conditions usually stay around the same year round. Our Morning Wreck and Reef Scuba Dive Tour is a daily tour that leaves at 8:30 a.m. This tour takes passengers out to see the newly sunken, The Vandenberg, a 520-foot U.S. military missle-tracking ship.

For an afternoon dive, try departing at 1:00 p.m. on the Afternoon Dual Reef Dive. If you have people in your group that cannot scuba dive, then this is the perfect tour for you. It accommodates families with both scuba divers and snorkelers, and they can enjoy going out all together.

Snorkeling and Sailing

Could there be any better of a combo than snorkeling and sailing (other than peanut butter and jelly)? There is no better combination than these two also combined with your Key West vacation. Try the famous Catamaran Reef Snorkel, and join the fanclub of thousands of visitors it has carried over the years. This luxurious 69-foot catamaran takes passengers out to the beautiful scenic views of the oceans surrounding the island of Key West, then to the largest living ecosystems in the country, the coral reef.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Want to explore the beauty of the underwater kingdoms that exist off of the shores of Key West, but don’t want to wear all the equipment of a scuba diver, learn how to scuba dive, or don’t want to have to keep coming up to the surface for air? Then choosing the new Key West Snuba Diving is the choice for you. This tour offers a safe way to experience of being submerged in the water and going great depths into the ocean like a scuba diver, but with snorkeling level skills. It’s fun, relaxing, and most importantly, memorable!

Key West Snorkel and Dolphin Encounters

Key West’s warm waters are the home to thousands of dolphins. These dolphins are very social, and interactive with guests on the Ocean Vue Snorkel and Dolphin Encounter tour. Passengers aboard this futuristic tour get an interesting look at the world and pods of dolphins below through the glass bottom boat. Once arrived to the destination of the coral gardens, guests get to snorkel and see the wildlife up close and personal.