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Great for those of you who always wanted to try scuba diving but don't have time for the 3-4 day certification course. Have your lesson in the pool, then take 2, 1 hour dives at the beautiful coral reef just off the Florida Keys. Yes, snorkeling is great, but nothing beats the tranquil and amazing experience of being in the underwater world of the coral reef. Snorkeling and diving are available on the same boat. The Discover Diving Resort Course is a great way to experience diving. Only 2 hours of pool training and you can hover weightlessly beneath the surface of our turquoise waters, the only living coral reef in North America. Wholesome, fun and educational, this adventure will be the highlight of your tropical vacation.

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For those who enjoy spending their vacations frolicking beneath the surface of the ocean and exploring unique underwater worlds, Key West diving is unquestionably one of the best ways in the world to do just that. The coral reef, located just off the coast, is the only living coral barrier reef in the United States. Divers will find thousands of unique animal and plant species that call the reef “home.” Amidst lush coral gardens, visitors will also capture breathtaking views of hundreds of colorful reef fish species that are simply indescribable. Combine the picturesque underwater marine life with unbelievably clear waters, it is no wonder that diving in Key West is one of the best experiences anywhere off the coast of America.

Whether they are avid history buffs or simply enjoy the change of scenery, divers also flock to Key West to fill their passion for scouting shipwrecks. The waters of Key West are some of the richest for ship-searching with many wrecks dating back hundreds of years. One of the world’s most impressive and accessible dive sites due to its close proximity to the ocean’s surface, the USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vanderberg sunk on May 27, 2009 to become the largest artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the second largest in the world. Marine life continues to colonize the wreck, and the ship is now home to reef and pelagic fish as well as other species of marine animals and plants.

What to Bring Checklist:

Be sure to remember your bathing suit, towel and sunglasses. For the safety of the animals, please do not wear sunscreen. Also cameras will not be allowed in any of the pool areas. But don’t worry, we have a professional photographer and videographer present at all times to capture these wonderful memories.

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