Yellowhead Jawfish

Key West, Florida is known as one of the premier vacation spots in America. Although the area offers plenty of fun things to do, snorkeling enthusiasts will fall in love with the amazing marine life that resides there. When snorkeling key west, you are destined to see a fascinating sea creature that you never even knew existed. One of those beautiful creatures is the Yellowhead Jawfish.

Growing to a length of only five inches, the Yellowhead Jawfish is a relatively small fish. With its yellow head and bluish-green body, the Yellowhead Jawfish exudes a beautiful array of colors against the ocean water. Due to its beautiful appearance, many people choose to keep the Yellowhead Jawfish in an aquarium.

The Yellowhead Jawfish is a fairly shy fish, so it tends to stay to itself. Although the fish spends most of its time floating along the sandy sea bottom, the Yellowhead Jawfish’s narrow body enables it to burrow beneath the sand when attacked. Amazingly, the male Yellowhead Jawfish actually carries fertilized eggs in his mouth until the offspring are ready to hatch. Known as andldquo;mouth broodingandrdquo;, this behavior helps to keep the eggs safe from the other marine life. Their diet consists of mainly zooplankton that pass by in the ocean current.