Top Wetsuit Brands

Divers require a long list of equipment, but perhaps the most important one is a quality wetsuit. A good quality wetsuit will allow you to dive for longer periods of time in comfort and style. You will be better able to regulate your body temperature in cool waters and explore areas off the beaten path thanks to feeling safe and secure in your chosen wetsuit. There are several wetsuit brands on the market today that we recommend. Let's take a look at the best brands available for wetsuits:


Bare is one of the best wetsuit brands out there. Their line of high performance wetsuits are known for their superior fit and quality. The ultimate test of a wetsuit is taking it out for a spin on a Key West dive, and the Bare suits withstand all of the elements that mother nature throws at divers.

Bare offers a wide range of suits to fit a variety of budgets and needs. All of their wetsuits are made of the best materials and are designed to fit seamlessly. The company prides itself on creating the best wetsuits that fit like a glove, feel fabulous and perform efficiently.


All of SEAC's wetsuits are CE certified and designed to fit and feel amazing. Each suit is made of high quality neoprene and handled with great care to ensure a quality product each and every time.

An SEAC wetsuit is one that should last the test of time and provide the ultimate diving experience. These suits fit like a second skin and perform incredibly well.


Beauchat has created an amazing line of scuba and snorkeling wetsuits that are perfect for divers of all shapes, sizes and ability levels. This company keeps the diver in mind when designing and creating their suits. It is their goal to keep their customers warm and safe in the water.


One of the greatest features of Cressi wetsuits is how they do their seaming. Each seam is glued then stitched to keep the diver warm for a longer period of time. Their neoprene suits have wrist and ankle bands that are also designed to keep the diver as comfortable as possible.

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned diver, a Key West dive is sure to be one of the most amazing dives of your life. The crystal clear water, laid back environment and amazing sea life to experience all add up to an ideal dive experience. Be sure to pack one of the high quality wetsuits recommended above to ensure that your time spent in the water is comfortable.