Top Brands for Diving Masks

On your next underwater Key West diving excursion, don't forget your mask! The right diving mask is a crucial accessory to the enjoyment and safety of a dive and is as important as the wetsuit, flippers, and oxygen tank.

While diving masks can be purchased online at excellent prices, a mask will serve you best if you take the time to go into a physical dive shop and try one on to see if it fits your face properly. There are two types of masks: scuba masks for diving and masks designed for surface water sports. You will need a scuba mask. Trained employees will assist in finding the right mask with the perfect fit.

Here are some of the top brands of diving masks that are preferred by most scuba divers:


For a budget-friendly, classic mask that comfortably fits most divers, this two window, low volume mask has a good to fair vision field. It includes the following features:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • External frame with large profile
  • Available with prescription lenses and "gauge reader" bifocals
  • Best fitted to average size faces


Highly recommended as a rental mask, the extremely durable mask fits divers with any size or shape face comfortably. Features of this two window, low volume mask include:

  • Good field of vision, but is smaller than some masks
  • Larger profile than a frameless mask
  • Available in a variety of fashionable colors


The new favorite among divers with small faces! Even though this two window, extremely low volume mask may fit medium to large faces, be sure to try this mask on before purchasing just to be sure it fits properly. Exciting features include:

  • An optimum field of vision
  • Wide vision field
  • No equalization required until 60 feet
  • Super lightweight and unusually sleek
  • High quality mask at a reasonable price


This single window, low volume style mask has a good to excellent field of vision. Available in two sizes, the regular size fits normal to large faces and the medium size is better suited for narrow faces. Features include:

  • UltraClear lenses with optical quality
  • Lenses allow transmission of light without green tint
  • Lifetime warranty against frame breakage
  • Best for medium to small noses; glass may come in contact with the bridge of large noses
  • Not suited for adult divers with small features or round faces


Sufficient for most men with medium to large faces, the Hollis M1 is a single window, low volume mask with a good to excellent field of vision. Unique features consist of:

  • Saint-Gobain Diamant Crystal Clear Lens
  • Optical quality glass for clear vision and superb light transmission
  • Sharp, fashionable design

Divers need a good diving mask in order to see clearly underwater. Before going Key West diving, it is advisable to take the time to select the perfect mask that is comfortable and fits correctly so that the diving experience will be fun and safe.