Catch a glimpse of the incredible Spotted Drum

The adult Spotted Drum fish is a fascinating fish with striking black and white stripes and notable white spots on its tail and dorsal fin. A mature fish will be around seven inches in length. Mature Drums' bodies are large in comparison with their fins. This contrasts with young Drums' bodies, as the dorsal fin of the Spotted Drum actually shrinks while the fish ages.

Juvenile Drums have narrow bodies and long, elegant dorsal fins without spots. They are often described by divers as being "ribbonlike." The young Spotted Drum fish is often tiny, even smaller than a quarter, so scuba divers in Key West must pay close attention to catch a glimpse of these unique fish.

As any seasoned diver would attest, the Spotted Drum fish is a delightful treat to see in the wild with its unusual shape and coloring. While scuba diving Key West, divers should make sure to keep a calm attitude and move slowly through the water so as not to disturb and frighten these timid fish. Nighttime is the most favorable time of day to view the Spotted Drum because these fish hunt their prey, mostly crabs and shrimp, at night. During the day, the Spotted Drum can be difficult to find because the fish find resting places in caves and holes in the coral reef.