The Sand Diver

The sand diver is one of many fabulous fish you'll encounter during your Key West diving adventure. Sand divers, synodus intermedius, are in the lizardfish family and have many of the same characteristics. The sand diver has a long body, a head that resembles a lizard, a wide mouth with sharp teeth and striking eyes. They also have pectoral fins that resemble legs and a fanned dorsal fin on the back. Sand divers can often be found partially buried in the sand, on shallow coral and rocky reefs.

Sand divers are lightning quick when it comes to attacking their prey. They'll get into position and wait for their prey by partially burying themselves in the sand. They grab and attack their prey with their needle-like teeth. They feed on invertebrates and small fish.

The sleek and quick sand diver is a master at camouflage. They are hard to spot because of their white to pink coloring that can mimic sponge or a vibrant reef. If you're lucky enough to spot a sand diver, carefully swish the water towards it. The sand dollar will then go to another place on the reef and instantly adjust its color to blend into the background.