Key West Scuba Diving Soothes the Senses

Everyone needs a vacation these days. The winter weather was terrible, the economy is a wreck, and everyone is afraid to leave the country due to the latest flu virus. So, where can you go to get away for some much needed rest and relaxation? The answer is closer and cheaper than you might think.

Instead of standing in line for a passport, enduring a long flight, and spending far too much money, you can enjoy a wonderful, affordable vacation in Key West, Florida. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is perfect, and you can be there in practically no time at all. Even if you have never enjoyed Key West scuba diving before, you can be certified and enjoying the coral reefs in a matter of hours.

Travel Discounts And Easy Travel

You can take advantage of many Key West snorkeling and scuba diving discounts currently available. Flights, cruises, and accommodations are offering significant discounts in an effort to encourage tourists to come and visit. You can stay in an elegant resort or a charming BandB and enjoy fine dining and dozens of Key West tours and attractions for a fraction of what it would have cost only a year ago.

Another advantage to domestic travel is that you will not need a passport, foreign language skills or extended vacation time to get to where you are going. Florida is easily accessible and as beautiful as any tropical paradise anywhere else in the world. Pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, Caribbean food and music, unique shopping experiences and Key West snorkeling and scuba diving adventures are all awaiting your arrival.

Key West Scuba Diving Adventures

The wide variety of Key West scuba diving adventures available make it possible for every schedule, budget, and skill level. For the uncertified, you can enroll in the Lost Reef Adventures 3-day course, which will provide you with instruction and certification on the first day followed by two days of pool and ocean diving where you will be able to experience Key West scuba diving at its finest. If you prefer, there are several Key West snorkeling tours to try.

The Morning Wreck and Reef excursion is a two-tank Key West scuba diving trip that leaves in the morning for the 520-foot USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg wreck site. This superstructure rests 150-feet underwater and rises to only 47 feet from the surface. If you prefer, your Key West scuba diving adventure can take you to Smith Shoal where you will enjoy a shallower dive, exploring a 54-foot steel tower inhabited by staghorn, brain, and plate corals, grouper, and more tropical fish than you can count.

Nautical Natural Wonders

Toppino's Reef is a stunning shallow Key West scuba diving reef that offers a breathtaking view of fifteen coral reef "fingers" that create channels and underwater valleys filled with sea life. You will want to bring your camera to capture images of the angelfish, butterfly fish, and crustaceans, not the mention the beautiful corals themselves.

Key West is the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy reconnecting with the natural wonders of Florida, both on land and under the sea. As you relax and work on your tan, you can start planning for next year's vacation. The Key West Dive Center has great opportunities or you may even want to give yourself the gift of a Key West dolphin encounter!