Key West Scuba Diving More Affordable Than Ever

Everyone loves a vacation. New sights, unique foods, and time to unwind and put aside the stresses of day-to-day living allow you to return home refreshed, invigorated, and ready to hit the ground running. Instead of dealing with international travel or huge crowds, Florida is currently offering the best prices in years on Key West scuba diving and snorkeling vacations.

You can enjoy the pristine beaches, the tropical weather, and relaxed atmosphere of Florida for far less than you might expect. The current economy has forced drastic cuts in airfare, hotels, and resorts and even Key West snorkeling and scuba diving packages. All it takes is one phone call and you could be packing your bags for the vacation of a lifetime!

Key West Snorkeling For Young And Old

Key West snorkeling offers vacationers the best of both worlds: unmatched undersea experiences and no need for certification. Your Key West vacation is great alone, with friends, or with the whole family. Whether you prefer to explore the shallows from a sleek, 30-foot boat that will take you to remote locations and teach you how to snorkel or on an elegant 78-foot catamaran that will take you to deeper waters, you are bound to be thrilled with your Key West snorkeling holiday. You can explore the brilliant, living coral that surrounds the area, regardless of your skill level, schedule, or budget.

The waters surrounding Key West are filled with tropical fish, sport fish, corals, anemone, lobster, starfish, stingrays, and even dolphin. Your Key West snorkeling adventure can include a visit to an underwater dolphin playground or you can meet a friendly, 200-pound jewfish! While enjoying Key West snorkeling, you will see staghorn, brain, and plate corals and an immense variety of tropical fish and numerous sport fish. Your camera won't get a moment's rest on your Key West snorkeling adventure.

Key West Scuba Diving For Both Novice And Experienced Divers

Even if you are not certified when you arrive in Florida, you can be within a few short hours. Your Key West scuba diving adventure will simply amaze you with the variety of fish, shipwrecks, and coral reefs that you can explore. Most Key West scuba diving packages include all of the equipment you will need plus food and beverages and helpful advice from friendly, knowledgeable guides.

The Ten-Fathom Bar Key West scuba diving package will introduce you to porcupine fish, eagle rays, grouper, spiny lobster, and countless, colorful tropical fish who are surprisingly curious about human divers. If you prefer geology to sea life, the Toppino's Reef and Smith Shoal Key West scuba diving adventures offer stunning underwater canyons, channels, and vistas within the fifteen coral reef "fingers" that extend out into the ocean.

Scour Shipwrecks For Sunken Treasure

No Key West scuba diving holiday would be complete without a trip to one of the many sunken ships in the area. You can explore the 150-foot superstructure of the 520-foot USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg or the USS Wilkes-Barre, which was split in half with explosives during testing. Each and every shipwreck site is unique and breathtaking as the local flora and fauna quickly moved in and staked their claim.

This is a vacation opportunity like no other. Your unique adventure is made all the easier without the hassles of foreign travel, language complications, or money exchanges. While you are in Florida, you may want to consider a Key West dolphin encounter, an informative visit to the Key West Dive Center, or a tour of the many maritime and pirate museums available. This is one vacation that will provide you with stories for decades to come!