Great Reason to Dive the Beautiful Waters in Key West

Key West enjoys a long season, where andlsquo;long’ means year-round except for the occasional bad weather days. Unlike most of the continental US, our southernmost point in Key West offers a tropical climate. Like other tropical climes that means that technically there are two seasons, wet and dry. In practice the wetter season falls from late July through early October. Rainfall stays fairly even the rest of the year. With about 1.5 inches of rain, February is the driest month. The Conchs (aka the Key West locals) refer to this as drought, but the driest month in Key West is about as wet as the wettest month in Denver. Most years, it’s not dry at all.

Even so, the season matters, albeit in an unexpected way. Peak tourist season in Key West runs from Mid-October through April, that is, during the cold part of winter up north. Prices peak then too, bookings tighten, and travelers need to make reservations well in advance. Diving and fishing season kicks off in May as the tourist season closes. Although diving is year round, peak diving season runs from May to September. Prices are lower, but temperatures are high, not that that matters so much to the nice, cool divers. Plan ahead for a peak experience. May and early October are often the most desirable overall dates for Key West scuba tours.

Regardless of the month, remember the sunscreen. Diving is year round, but sun-burning is, too. In the strong Key West sun, pale skin burns in a matter of minutes, so remember to bring your sunscreen.