Diving Safe with D.A.N.

Scuba Diving is one of the best underwater activities you can do Key West, and is becoming a popular past-time of travelers around the world. We here at Key West Dive Center love the idea of number growing of more passionate scuba divers, and want to help people explore the underneath water world, as safely as possible.

So following along the theme of Safety, and Scuba Diving in the Keys and Key West, Florida, we wanted to help you optimize your diving experience to the maximum degree. And here at Key West Dive Center, we believe that, although our diving instructors and tour staff are highly qualified and kept up to the highest standards of safety, we don’t think you can be overly-prepared either.

With DAN, the Divers Alert Network, you can purchase a membership, depending on the type and how many, and have access to everything DAN has to offer to divers. Different Divers Alert Network memberships mean different benefits. More than 235,000 scuba divers are members and receive things like a subscription to Alert Diver Magazine.

DAN primary concern is to provide emergency medical assistance while educating the public on dive safety. They provide support in emergency hotlines, and educational webinars in handling a scuba diving emergency. The Divers Alert Network also provides an online store where you can prepare for anything while out to sea to scuba dive, like an First Aid Kit, and emergency kits like DAN surface signal kits. There is also a wide selection of Oxygen Tank Kits that vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours of supplies.

Of course, it’s very rare that an emergency should happen while scuba diving in Key West, it still never hurts to be overly prepared. Who knows, you could save a life in the future.

To book one of our amazing scuba diving tours in Key West, call us today at 1(866)563-1805.