Choose the Right Type of Fins

You have a whole lot of choices from manufacturers who are advancing the technology of scuba fins every day. While you are still able to get full foot fins, there are a lot of other styles that you are able to buy. Manufacturers are making scuba fins these days by utilizing mathematical angles and technology so that the average user finds them easy to operate.

Do not be turned off by the complicated technology of a scuba fin. If you find that you want a simple, basic pair of scuba fins when you are diving in Key West, you will be able to find what you are looking for easily. However, the complex technology surrounding these apparatuses could make your diving expedition that much more relaxed and pleasant. You also do not want to go too crazy with complicated scuba fins. The technology will not work unless you are comfortable swimming and diving with it.

Paddle Fins

Traditional scuba fins are either full foot or come with a heel strap that is adjustable. Many scuba divers find that that the adjustable heel strap fins more than fits their purpose. Full footed scuba fins are more often used for snorkeling. Paddle fins move water up and down as you kick. Many divers find paddle fins most useful when they are free diving or caught in a current.

Splits, Cutouts and Vents

Some scuba fins come with splits, cutouts and vents, which manufacturers say increases your kicking force and efficiency. Among these fins, the most common are split fins, also known as "Bio-fins". These have the paddle divided down the middle, with a vertical sliver taken out of the middle section. These modifications are supposed to decrease the number of kicks needed to get from Point A to Point B. There are other scuba fins that have cutouts, vents, and horizontal splits. Some push water back, instead of up and down, making it easier for you to kick.

Force Fins

When diving in Key West, you can also use force fins. Force fins are smaller than the other types, but should work just as well if you are comfortable using them. These fins are like a version of a whale tail, which can add to its increased kicking efficiency.


When you are looking at specific brands, you will want to start with the well-known lines. Some of the lesser known scuba equipment companies are conglomerates, which is good news for those with a limited budget. Many of those stores are actually run by the larger companies, so you could still get high quality equipment, but for a lower price.

Choosing scuba fins is a personal choice, and there is no way to make a wrong one. The fins that are the most comfortable to wear and use are the ones you should buy, whether they come from a well-known brand name or not. The wide selection of scuba fins and brands is a good thing, because almost every personal preference can be accommodated.