Best Places to Snorkel in Key West

Key West is widely known as one of the premier destinations for snorkelers and scuba divers all over the world. For decades, American families have chosen Key West as their vacation destination when they want to explore the water. The reason? There is a lot in the water to explore.

The ocean surrounding the island is home to the third largest living reef in the world and the largest in the United States. It is also the final resting place of many ships that were sunk in order to add to the reef. All of these areas are accessible to divers and snorkelers when they come to the island. This article explores three of the best places to go snorkeling in Key West.

Whitecaps Snorkeling Trips: Snorkel Key West

The Whitecaps snorkeling trip is a very small and intimate trip. The thirty-foot charter boat that takes participants to their destination only takes six passengers each time it departs. This allows visitors to get individual attention from the guides and also makes for a quiet and serene day spying the life beneath the ocean's surface.

The trip itself makes stops at two different locations. From there, visitors will be greeted by a large amount of exotic and colorful fish. Also, as they explore the living reef, guests will see a wide array of underwater plant life. Included with the trip are beverages, a guided tour of both areas, and all the gear you'll need to go snorkeling in Key West.

Rum and Reggae Sunset and Snorkel Cruise

The Rum and Reggae Sunset and Snorkel Cruise is a combination trip with sightseeing both above and below the water's surface. Larger in both ship size and amount of guests that can attend, the cruise is one of the more popular snorkeling in Key West excursions. Beginning in the evening, guests will be escorted to the water's just off the island's coast. From there, they will get to explore the clear waters and active reef.

As guests return on the ship, they will be treated to a sunset cruise complete with complimentary beverages including wine, beer, and soda. The trip also comes with all of the gear guests will need to snorkel.

Glass Bottomed Dolphin Watch And Snorkel

This trip combines two of the most popular activities on the island, dolphin watching and snorkeling. Like the Whitecaps tour, this tour only takes six passengers. And like the previous two trips, all of the equipment is included.

This tour focuses on dolphin watching and exploration. To and from the snorkeling spot, guests will enjoy the view through the floor. From this vantage point, guests will be able to see dolphins and when the boat comes to a halt, guests may be able to swim and explore the water near the dolphins.