What’s it like to Breathe Underwater

What’s it like to Breathe Underwater?
As a new diver or someone who has never experienced a dive excursion before, you may be wondering what it's like to actually be able to breathe underwater. Breathing underwater is an entirely new experience that you would not actually know what it does to you until you experience it for yourself. Many divers have claimed that this experience truly transforms them and gives them a whole new feeling while exploring the wonders of the ocean. With the right equipment and technology to be able to breathe underwater, you are able to swim with tropical fish, come up close with exotic marine life, explore coral reefs and visit historic ship wrecks that others have never seen before. Several scuba divers have described the feeling of breathing underwater in the following ways.

A Real Accomplishment
You've never experienced a real accomplishment until you have breathed underwater. Many divers describe this as a peaceful and serene experience unlike any other in the world. It gives them a whole new sense of being and may even become an actual obsession due to the way that it makes you feel while underwater.

A Beautiful Experience
Many divers explain the feeling of breathing underwater as a beautiful experience that truly puts that at ease. By experiencing a safe dive with the right equipment, you are able to enjoy the amazing views that crystal clear waters provide. Enjoy the incredible world beneath the oceans shore with a calm and clean view unlike any other. This could even be described as feeling like a safe haven of sorts. While diving may be scary at first, knowing that you are able to breathe underwater and seeing all that surrounds you puts you at ease and even may make you feel as though your are flying in slow motion which is a truly beautiful experience.

A First Breath
Breathing underwater may be described as taking your very first breath. It is a natural feeling that comes with ease by simply trusting your equipment. Although you may hold your breath during your first dive, expecting water to fill your lungs as you take a breath. Feeling yourself breath and inhaling as you hear the sound of air is a new experience of really being able to breathe. Go somewhere that you had never through possible and experience the beauty of underwater from your first breath to your last.