Unlimited Options in Key West

Exploration Unlimited -- Key West Snorkeling And Diving

You can't say that you've really experienced Key West until you can say that you have enjoyed a scenic, tranquil, and beautiful Key West diving or Key West snorkeling adventure. Surrounding yourself in the warm, clear, and clean waters off the coast of Key West is paramount to true enjoyment of the island. From the secret treasures of marine life to the memories you will make, you'll see things you've only dreamed about and have more fun than you ever thought possible.

At Key West Dive Center, helping you find the Key West diving or Key West snorkeling package that is right for you is simply what we do. We can help you locate information about dives and trips into the water that will be fun for the whole family and we'll help you book these great trips for less than our competitors. Here are 3 of our favorite Key West water adventures.

Find Yourself Key West Diving At The Lost Reef

Regardless of your skill level, if you are a certified scuba diver, the Lost Reef Key West diving trip is for you. First, you and your party will load into our 40' custom boat where you will be taken to the site of the Lost Reef. From there, you will jump into the warm and inviting waters of the Gulf of Mexico and enter a whole new world.

Our Lost Reef Key West diving boats are all fit with freshwater shower facilities, restrooms, and spacious platforms for diving and getting back onto the boat. At the Key West Dive Center, we also know that the things you see below the water's surface are memories you will want to keep your entire life. That is why we offer waterproof video and photo equipment. While memories may last a lifetime, having tangible documentation of your Key West diving trip simply can't be beat.

At the Key West Dive Center, we employ knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly staff members and dive instructors to help you navigate the underwater world and keep you safe while you're down there.

Key West Snorkeling At The White Caps

Key West snorkeling is a great activity. It is all inclusive, meaning you need no special classes or certification in order to enjoy its benefits and beauty. At the Key West Dive Center, we know where to find the best Key West snorkeling spots. To get you to the premier Key West snorkeling destinations, we use a smaller 30' boat. Our smaller ship allows us to get to places other larger boats just can't seem to find.

Once we arrive at one of our two favorite Key West snorkeling spots, you and your family will spend an hour exploring the clear and warm waters of a living coral reef. You'll feel like you have your own private reef in your own corner of the world. This is the perfect Key West snorkeling adventure for families and friends looking for a private adventure.

Not The Wet Type, That's OK

Some people don't like to get wet. And yes, the Key West Dive Center even has something for you. Spend the afternoon with us cruising in a glass bottomed boat. From the boat, you will be able to experience marine life firsthand, without getting too close, or wet. And with a fully stocked fridge and other great amenities, there has never been a better way to spend the day in Key West.