The Importance of Getting Certified for Scuba Diving in Key West

The waters that surround the Conch Republic are known for being warm, tranquil, and filled with exotic animal and plant life. Key West scuba diving gives visitors to the island a way to experience the marine world in an up close and tactile manner. With their eyes, they can see things they may have never known existed and with their hands, they can feel the water and life that surrounds them.

But before you and yours go on a Key West scuba diving adventure, there are a few things you must know. Perhaps no caution is more warranted or bears repeating quite like this simple rule: you must be certified before departing on your first Key West scuba diving excursion. It is a rule with a basis in law for your safety and the safety of your dive team. This article takes you through different options for getting your certification in Key West.

You May Need A Refresher

For those who are already certified to scuba dive, there may still be a need to take a certification course. Granted, being certified excludes you from having to take the entire class, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't think about taking a refresher course. If it has been nearly two years since your last dive, you may want to consider this quick and easy option for regaining your sea legs.

A refresher course typically works one of two ways. The first and quickest method is reviewing the basics and safety measures with a licensed instructor in a dive pool. This method usually takes as long as the diver needs, which could be anywhere from 20 minutes to a full 2 hour class. The second method is to take a refresher dive with an instructor. This method is useful because it offers you a real underwater experience.

Advanced And Open Water Courses

If you have never experienced Key West scuba diving or scuba diving in general, you may want to consider either an Advanced or Open Water Certification Course. These two courses typically take from three to four days to complete with time spent in the classroom, pool, and open water. The end result is one of two scuba certifications: Advanced and Open Water. The Advanced certification will allow you to dive anywhere in the world up to a certain depth. The Open Water certification will also allow you to dive anywhere in the world, but you can dive deeper. The length of time these courses take can be shortened by nearly half if you purchase and complete the textbook and chapter tests before arriving on the island.

Go Snorkeling

If spending time and money getting certified isn't on your list of things to do, snorkeling is a fantastic option. Unlike Key West scuba diving, you don't need to be certified to go snorkeling. This makes it a perfect choice for families and friends who want to experience the water without a large time commitment. And because there are combination trips, you can snorkel even while others in your group take the plunge and Key West scuba dive.