Rich Diversity of Key West Dive Sites

Key West Scuba Diving -- Such A Rich Diversity Of Dive Sites

There is certainly a lot of exciting and beautiful things to see under the water and thanks to the humble mask and snorkel, we can see below the surface of the seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes of our amazing world. The spectacular array of marine life within our coral reefs is nothing short of breathtaking. Florida's Key West has an amazing reef with wrecks, corals, and plenty of colorful fish that will engross divers of all levels of diving experience. There is no better time to snorkel in Key West, so what are you waiting for? You don't have to look too far for quality affordable accommodations in Key West as there is no shortage of Key West bed and breakfasts or Key West hotels to choose from. Food is no problem either with plenty of restaurants serving up fresh, tasty meals to satisfy the hungriest of divers.

One of the great things about Key West scuba diving trips is the diversity of dive sites available for every level of diver. Key West scuba diving charters head out to both Molasses Reef and French Reef, which are lovely and shallow with depths between 30 and 50 feet. They are usually loaded with vibrantly colored fish. Key West has so many stunning coral reefs teeming with fish are that are located in novice level dive sites, making Key West a perfect place to try out scuba diving.

Let's Get Serious About Diving

For the serious scuba diver, the thrill of a Key West scuba diving expedition in search of the shipwrecks found on the bottom of the seas and oceans is a favorite attraction. Key West has a number of dive wrecks that you can explore. They are covered in all types of aquatic vegetation and many fish that have invaded it now call it home. There's also a good wreck dive in shallow waters known as the Benwood wreck with a variety of resident marine life that will amaze any diver. Don't forget to book in for a Key West scuba diving nighttime charter once you've chalked up some diving experience for something really special.

We Haven't Forgotten Our Snorkelers!

There are also great sites to snorkel in the Keys, with Looe Key being one of the best in the US for those preferring to start with a snorkel in Key West charter. The waters are still teeming with fish and aquatic life that is most impressive. Key Largo has lots of diving equipment and gear available for purchase or hire, although your snorkel in Key West fun day includes all of your snorkeling gear.

For non-divers, there are plenty of other things to do in Key West such as shopping, water sports, beaches, and you must experience a Key West dolphin encounter. The children will love the friendly dolphins.