Key West Reef Report 3

With the Daylight Savings making the sun stay out a little bit longer, you can expect Key West snorkeling to be at its prime this spring. Water temperatures go up, the migratory fish species head back, and Key West is all-around beaming in excitement for the hot summer months the tropical paradise is known for. Keep an eye out for the massive populations tropical reef fish such as the angelfish, parrotfish, and butterfly fish that come out to play at any time of the day. While the higher tides in the morning are great for deep dive excursions such as the Vandenberg, a diving or snorkeling Key West adventure any time of the day will allow you to see dozens of unique marine species. Diving gets you to the deeper reef sites where species that like to stay well below the surface of the water reside, including Goliath grouper and sea turtles. But even a snorkeling trip in the 10-15 foot depths allow you to see a multi-colored world of fish, reef, and other marine creatures like lobster and eel.

The forecast for mid-March looks ideal for this time of the year. The winds are not expected to hit more than 12 knots on any given day and rain showers are scattered at worst. This means several things for the world of Key West diving and snorkeling: excellent conditions provide undeniably great snorkel and dive opportunities, and visitors will be flocking to the dive boats to get aboard and explore the Key West coral reef system.