Kick Off Your Vacation at The Key West Dive Center

Are you due for a Key West vacation? You can start one of the best vacations you will ever experience at the Key West Dive Center in Florida. There are Key West diving and snorkeling deals for every swim level, time frame, and budget as our current economy forces discounts at all levels. Take advantage of these discounts today and discover the natural beauty of the Florida Keys.

You won't need a passport, foreign language classes, or extra travel days to get the most out of this tropical paradise. You can lounge on stunning beaches, shop exotic boutiques, and enjoy fine dining in a matter of days. Flights, cruises, and accommodations are all offering reduced rates to coax you into trying this great vacation site.

What Is The Key West Dive Center?

The Key West Dive Center provides tourists and locals with a great place to find Key West snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. You can dive with dolphins, explore shipwrecks, or photograph the colorful living coral reefs that surround the area. Tropical fish, sport fish, sea turtles and dolphins all call Key West home and your Key West snorkeling package includes everything you need.

For Key West scuba diving, the Key West Dive Center offers something for everyone. You can explore the 55-foot Aquanaut, a wooden tugboat situated in 75-feet of water close to the Gulf Stream where you will also find crabs, yellowtail, snapper, lobster, and stingrays. Or, you can explore the Cayman Salvager, which was used to illegally transport Cuban refugees and is now home to silversides, bar jacks, moray eels, and a friendly 200-pound jewfish.

Eastern Dry Rocks And The Marquesas Reef Line Offers Excellent Key West Scuba Diving

Eastern Dry Rocks is only one aspect of the Sanctuary Preservation Area where you will find a wrecked Spanish galleon and spiny lobsters of every shape and size. The coral of Dry Rock make it a natural habitat for a variety of tropical fish, crustaceans, and other sea life and a perfect place to try Key West snorkeling.

Formed by a meteor, the Marquesas Reef Line offers amazing Key West snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. This area is considered one of the best for Key West scuba diving with its rich sea life and stunning underwater coral gardens. If you prefer something shallower and closer to shore, the Nine Foot Stake wreck offers anemones, immense brain coral, hermit crabs, and countless tropical fish. This site is known as the best spot for nighttime Key West scuba diving.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life And The Secret To An Excellent Vacation

Nearly everywhere you look, you will find amazing Key West scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. There are countless charter boat outings, dolphin encounters, and fishing opportunities to fill out your vacation. In addition to these experiences, you will discover that life moves at a slower, friendlier pace than what you may be accustomed to. Tropical fruit stands, street vendors, and wandering Caribbean minstrels will lull you into a sense of freedom and relaxation you have not felt in years.