Key West's Wide Variety of Scuba Diving

Key West is just part of the third largest living reef system in the world, all of the roughly 4,000 square mile reef complex of coastal and ocean lands protected as part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Much of the world-class reef system is shallow, that is, less than thirty feet. Experienced divers know that means long, wonderful dives. With fifty or more shallow dive sites Sombrero Reef might be the best in this class anywhere in the world.

Key West offers a variety in types of scuba diving tours and all different levels of experience to enjoy for every type of diver to enjoy. If you want to be a hardcore diver, and go out in the open waters for a few hours, it is possible to do this in Key West on the Afternoon Dual Reef Dive. If you're looking for something less of a commitment, but want to still have the freedom of being able to breath underwater while exploring? Try the new and futuristic Snuba tour, a mix of snorkeling and scuba together.

The sea floor around Key West varies from about 40’ to about 100’ of depth with some spectacular deeper dives. At 30’-60’ divers find deeper reefs and drop-offs, home to a range of large sea life like sharks, rays, and sea turtles that snorkelers only dream of seeing.

Also, as a conserved reef system, scuba tours around Key West cover both natural and artificial reefs. Even inexperienced divers find most of Key West’s artificial reef accessible at between 50’-75’ of depth. Tops in that category may be the Spiegel Grove, the largest ship ever sunk to create an artificial reef, though many divers prefer the Eagle and Alligator artificial reef. For a purely colorful display of hydroids, corals, and sponges, still others prefer the Thunderbolt wreck.

Key West scuba tours often cover more than just Key West, of course. Drifting along the Lower Keys northeast, the local dive masters can arrange tours through a range of habitats from Boca Chica to Bahia Honda.