Key West Snorkeling offers some of the most exciting and beautiful snorkeling adventures in the world. The gorgeous salt water offers perfect temperatures for you to enjoy while you observe the vast variety of aquatic life that dwells beneath.

Just one of the many amazing creatures you will be able to see is the amazing gender-changing parrot fish. This is a beautiful fish that is a true oddity in its ability to repeatedly change its gender from male to female throughout its entire lifetime. It can also change its shape, patterns and colors which are always bright and beautiful. Their astoundingly beautiful colors are why they are called parrot fish.

This remarkable fish grows up to 4 feet in length and can live up to seven years. You will find them feeding around the reef. Another oddity is the teeth they use to feed with are actually located in their throats. Additionally, these fish make a cocoon for themselves to sleep in each night.

You will no doubt delight in an unimaginable array of beautiful and interesting life forms while you enjoy Key West snorkeling. However, it is a definite that the extraordinary parrot fish will be one of the most unique ones you could hope to see. Enjoy!