Key West Scuba Diving Adventures

The current economy may be causing financial troubles for some homeowners and businesses, but you can take advantage of significant cuts in airfare, accommodations, and many Key West vacation packages. Known for some of the best diving in the world, Key West scuba diving provides you with a wide variety of dive sites to choose from and current costs are lower than they have been in years.

In addition to great Key West scuba diving and snorkeling sites, Key West, Florida, offers a quaint Old Town experience along with pirate, maritime, and ghost museums, an amazing aquarium, a beautiful butterfly garden and arboretum, unique shopping, fine dining, and elegant spa and resort services. You can explore Key West by electric car, bicycle, airplane, kayak, glass-bottomed boat, charter boat, or enjoy a backcountry hiking tour.

Start Your Key West Scuba Diving Adventure At Key West Scuba Dive

Easy to find and packed full of information, equipment, and dozens of Key West scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, Key West Scuba Dive has everything you need to create a great summer vacation. Key West snorkeling and scuba diving packages feature custom Newton dive boats, friendly, knowledgeable guides and state-of-the-art equipment. The boats offer fresh water showers, large dive platforms, ample storage, and even photo tables to protect your video equipment.

Many of the Key West scuba diving packages combine diving with Key West snorkeling to facilitate a wider range of skills and interests. This allows groups of family and friends, some who are certified and some who are not, to still enjoy their day together, comparing observations, enjoying complimentary food and beverages, and swapping fish stories.

Key West Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Sites In The Sanctuary Preservation Area

One area frequented by Key West scuba diving aficionados is the Sanctuary Preservation Area. This region works to maintain the fragile undersea world of living coral reefs, countless tropical fish, and historical shipwrecks. It encompasses Eastern Dry Rocks, Rock Key, and Sand Key. Eastern Dry Rocks offers an old galleon for you to explore, complete with stone ballast and brass fillings. Rock Key is one of the best sites for Key West snorkeling. Here, you can see artifacts from an1800s Spanish sailing ship and a battleship.

Sand Key is another great site for Key West snorkeling and scuba diving with a wide variety of tropical and sport fish native to the region as well as other sea life. Here, you can expect to see grouper, loggerhead turtles, and barracuda as they search amongst the beautiful coral reefs for smaller varieties of tropical fish. Nearby, you will find a lighthouse that you can climb for a stunning view of Key West and the ocean.

Experienced Diver Or Novice Snorkeler

The beauty of Key West makes it a great place to practice your diving skills, to become certified, or to experience snorkeling for the very first time. If you are a certified scuba diver who is out of practice, there are refresher courses available. For the uncertified, you can receive your scuba certification within a few short hours. Key West snorkeling classes and outings are a great way to get your feet wet and see the underwater sights. The Glass Bottom Dolphin Watch Snorkel trip is always a favorite as it combines a glass bottomed boat trip with snorkeling and a Key West dolphin encounter.

Clearly, this can be one of the best vacation experiences ever. Forget the long lines and over-priced French fries. Key West, Florida, offers a relaxed, beautiful atmosphere filled with events, activities, and stunning beaches just waiting for you to arrive!