Key West Reef Report 6

While the fear certainly looms that the explosion and subsequent oil spill that happened off the coast of Louisiana will seep down into the delicate underwater ecosystems off the coast of Key West, the fact remains that as of right now, the oil has not reached the Keys, Key West, or the Dry Tortugas yet. Basically, we are still safe! And we are hoping for the best! The oil reaching our ecosystems can be harmful, but recent reports predict that if the oil does start heading south, it will pass way west of Key West or even the Dry Tortugas, ideally leaving the coral reef systems off the coast of Key West and all the marine life that make their home there untouched.

This week we have been running our trips like normal and, despite one rainy morning, they have been phenomenal! The fish and other species that you see at the coral reef have been extremely active and on nearly every trip there is an abundance of wildlife to see, whether it's on one of the Key West dive trips or one of the snorkeling trips...or even one of our new mini-sub adventures for that matter! It's a great time to come down to Key West and hit the waters to check out the coral reef habitats!