Key West Reef Report 5

This week the weather calls for slightly higher winds so we're playing it by ear. We're not expecting any big thunderstorms though and the weather is in the 80's, which is perfect weather for diving. Most people have been opting out of wearing a wetsuit for diving since the water temperature is also extremely pleasant. Memorial Day weekend is coming up in a few weeks and we already have almost all of our Key West scuba diving excursions filled for that weekend, so make sure to call the center soon if you want to go diving that weekend. As far as Key West snorkeling goes, we do have more spots available on those trips, but we definitely would not wait until the weekend of, as they are sure to also be sold out by then!

Last month and the so far this month we have been seeing some of the best visibility on our morning and afternoon Key West diving trips this year thus far! Today was windy out there, but we don't expect one day of high winds to negatively affect what has been several weeks of excellent visibility. To give you an idea, this past Sunday/Monday we had visibility of 30-40 feet on the morning Vandenberg trips and about 40-50 feet of visibility on the afternoon reef trips. Visibilities like this make diving in the Key West dive sites like the Vandenberg, the Cayman Salvager shipwreck or the various coral reef sites so much simpler and so much more exciting since you get to see the marine life even off in the distance.