Key West Diving in February

It will beFebruary in Key West Florida soon and like the rest of the country, we will beseeing some of the colder days of the year. It looks like this upcoming week, following Valentine's, is going to be the last cold week of the year (or so we hope). So, everyone wonders, what is Key West like when it gets cold? Well, first of all, cold for us is not cold by normal standards. The lowest it ever seems to get here is in the mid-50s.

People also ask about snorkeling in Key West when it's cold: is it possible? Do you need a wetsuit? Can you still see fish? The answer is: well, it depends. Snorkeling is possible every season of the year. Other than making the water chillier than usual, the cold weather itself does not effect snorkeling conditions. Most people don't even need wetsuits for snorkeling or diving since your bodies can adjust to the cooler waters surprisingly fast. (But wetsuits definitely are available close to the various Key West diving and snorkeling trips).

This weekend, the drop in windon Saturday caused visibility tincrease and allow for some greatsnorkeling and diving Key West trips, which was no good for people who wanted to see the angelfish and other brightly-colored reef fish that have been particularly frequent this month. Sunday, the winds died down some and visibility has been great so far! While this upcoming week is supposed to be chillier than usual, the sun is supposed to be out and the winds are supposed to be mild, meaning it's the perfect time to strap on your mask and snorkel and head out for a Key West snorkeling or diving adventure to see all the reef species that stick around for the winter.