Key West Diving an Underwater Safari

If you are looking for a truly unique natural holiday destination, look no further than Florida's Key West with gorgeous coral reefs, white sandy beaches, colorful marine life, and infamous legends of buried treasure from the pirates that once sailed these crystal clear waters. One of the best things about a Key West diving excursion or snorkeling outing is that water is always warm with plenty of exciting clearly visible reef sites for you to explore. This is why Key West's underwater playground is a diver's paradise.

Don't Forget To Pack Your Very Best Smile

What should you bring with you to your Key West snorkeling or diving fun day out? A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, and light jacket as well as a super happy smile. An underwater camera is a good idea for any candid snapshots while exploring the reef. Kids love to have their own disposable one so they can also take a few holiday underwater memories home with them.

So Much To See And Do In Key West

One of the most remarkable unspoiled regions in the world to visit is the Dry Tortugas, which is made up of seven small islands just off Florida's Key West. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with the Dry Tortugas National Park, which boasts over 100 square miles of spectacular tropical shallow coral reefs teeming with millions of colorful fish, sea sponges, corals, and other abundant underwater marine life. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Whether you are experienced diver or have little or even no experience, a Key West diving adventure is lots of fun for everyone. A Key West diving expedition can be as exciting and thrilling as shark encounters or exploring shipwrecks like Joe's Tug or Alexander's Wreck. For those not quite so adventurous, there are plenty of spots to go swimming and snorkeling in the clear warm waters without any chance encounters with sharks.

A Key West snorkeling day trip in the shallow waters is a fabulous fun day out for adults and children alike. Enjoy the breathtaking spectacularly multicolored underwater playground where colorful fish happily will swim all around you. Your Key West snorkeling experience often includes seeing wild dolphins that frequently play in the tranquil waters just off the Key West coast. Why not book a Key West Dolphin encounter that includes plenty of time to interact with these beautiful and amazing sea creatures. Do Respect The Rules Concerning The Reef As it is illegal to touch, feed, chase, dive into, or harass any marine mammals during your Key West diving or snorkeling adventure. There are simple guidelines in place to safeguard the precious reef environment for future generations. Your cooperation is much appreciated.