Key West Dive Center Makes Your Florida Vacation Even More Adventurous

The hardest part about planning a vacation is often finding out where everything is in a place you have never been before. Instead of wasting your vacation time, you can make the most of your holiday by taking advantage of the wealth of information available at the Key West Dive Center in Florida.

Now is also a great time to take advantage of drastic cuts in travel and accommodation rates. Florida vacations offer the very best in convenience and tropical weather, providing you with everything you could ask for in a tropical vacation: sun and surf, Key West snorkeling and scuba diving, and even dolphin encounters.

Key West Snorkeling Is Sensational!

Key West snorkeling is as amazing as any Australian reef and far more convenient. The Key West Dive Center can make all of the arrangements necessary to guarantee an enjoyable and successful experience. Your Key West snorkeling package includes all of the equipment you will need, instruction if you need it, and the opportunity to meet the local under sea residents in a variety of habitats.

Your Key West snorkeling tour can start from shore, a glass-bottomed boat, or from a luxurious charter boat. In addition to the brilliantly colored living coral reefs, you will get the opportunity to see and interact with tropical fish, sea turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, anemone, spiny lobsters, dolphins, and even a friendly, 200-pound jewfish! No amusement park on Earth can give you these kinds of memories! Key West snorkeling packages are geared toward every skill level, budget, and schedule.

Take To The Depths With Key West Scuba Diving

Novice or seasoned diver, Key West scuba diving will be the highlight of your Florida vacation. Uncertified? No problem! You can be a certified diver within only a few short hours and then head for the water where you will be able to explore shipwrecks, coral reefs, and even dive with dolphins! One training class includes a day of classroom instruction and then two days of pool experience and Key West scuba diving in the ocean.

Key West scuba diving is a great way to get your body moving to stimulate your mind and create lifelong memories. The buoyancy of the salt water creates a sense of ease and weightlessness that is bound to help you relax and unwind from your stress-filled life. After enjoying your Key West scuba diving experience, you can sip a tropical beverage while relaxing on the beach or head for Old Town to see the sights.