Information to Know Before Diving

Swimming, Snorkeling or Diving In Key West

Diving, snorkeling, and swimming in Key West have many things in common. However, the most important thing they share is the fact that proper safety measures and precautions are paramount to your enjoyment, but also your wellbeing. Knowing the rules and qualifications for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming can mean the difference between a wonderful afternoon and getting in way over your head.

We want to make sure that your trip to Key West is safe and amazingly fun. Whether you're diving in Key West, snorkeling in Key West, or just want to hit the water for a dip, there are things you need to know. Here are 3 important things to remember when booking an underwater adventure.

If You Want To Scuba, Get Certified

Scuba diving in Key West is an adventure filled with magical sights and experiences you cannot find anywhere else. However, before you try to book your first trip diving in Key West, you need to make sure you are certified. Even if you are certified, you will have to check every dive closely to make sure you qualify to participate. If you do not, don't argue or try to fudge the numbers, do something about it.

We offer scuba certification courses to help you get in the water sooner and be safe when you get there. Ranging from a full certification course to a simple refresher course, with everything in between, our expert and friendly team of instructors will have you ready for an adventure diving in Key West in no time.

Snorkeling In Key West Is For Everyone

If you want to get in the water immediately without having to take a class, why don't you try snorkeling in Key West? Because no special training is required, snorkeling in Key West is for everyone, regardless of skill level or age. It is fun for the entire family and takes only a bit of instruction to master. Our team of snorkel instructors have years of experience working with children and adults alike. Whether you're 4 or 94, we can help you have a blast snorkeling in Key West this season.

Spend Most Of Your Time In A Boat

If you don't have the 3 to 4 days for a scuba certification course, and want to get up close and personal with dolphins, why not make the most of the trip in our glass bottomed boat? From your luxury vessel, you and your family can marvel at the majestic dolphins without having to strap on gear and spend days getting certified.

If you do want to hit the water, our knowledgeable and helpful staff will set you up with all you need to get in the water do some serious snorkeling in Key West with dolphins. It is the perfect solution for those who aren't certified for diving in Key West.