Great Reason to Scuba Dive Key West: Safety

There are so many reasons why visitors from around the world flock to Key West to go scuba diving. But the number one reason, of why they decide on Key West, should be because of the safety standards are held in the highest regards.

Even if there were no such thing as hungry fish, strapping on high-tech gear to explore the ocean floor rightly screams caution. In scuba, safety is job number one. Safety isn’t the only reason to dive Key West, but no place in the world offers a either a safer or more complete package for divers of all experience levels than travelers will find there. While it might seem strange to lead off with a warning, trust us, there’s nothing scarier or more dangerous than taking your first open water dive with a fly-by-night crew in a kelp forest somewhere a hundred miles from the nearest facilities. True story, by the way. Don’t go there.

In a real scuba community, travelers find five star certification and re-certification schools that get them up to speed with best practices in safety and quality equipment. The best in emergency services are available near by just in case.