Getting Certified for your first Key West Dive

If you are thinking about going to Key West for vacation, you may also be thinking about going for a Key West dive while you are there. Well one important thing to know is that in order to go for a Key West dive, you must be certified. Being certified is a fact in the world of scuba diving. It is not only a means to relay some of the tips and tricks of the trade, it is also a way to ensure that everyone involved can enjoy their experience in the water and be as safe as possible.

There are many different options for those looking to get certified to dive on their vacation. Most courses take about three to four days and can be completed quicker if the coursework is started prior to arrival. From new recruits to old pros in need of a little refresher, everyone can benefit from these courses. Here are a few examples of what we offer here at the Key West Dive Center.

The Refresher Course

If you have been scuba diving before, but don't feel like your skills are quite up to snuff for a Key West dive, then this is the perfect certification course for you. This course is specially designed for divers who are already certified, but have not been on a dive in 24 months or longer.

The course starts with a morning refresher course where you will work with one of our instructors to become reacquainted with the rigors of and skills involved in scuba diving. After you complete the morning's activities, you, your instructor, and your group will set off on an exciting two-tank Key West dive to explore wrecks and reefs.

Open Water Certification

For those hoping to make scuba diving a lifelong hobby and passion, the Open Water Certification course is your best bet. This course, once completed, will allow you to not only go on many Key West dive adventures, it will also ready you to take on dives at other locations all over the world.

The Open Water Certification course from the Key West Dive Center is a two-tank affair. The first tank is spent exploring one of two wrecks: Joe's Tug or the Cayman Salvager. The second dive explores the diverse ecosystem of the living reef that surrounds the island of Key West. The reef is the third largest such living reef in the entire world and the largest on American soil.