Scuba and Snorkel Fins

Shopping for Scuba Fins

If you are interested in scuba diving, you will need specific equipment to swim with. One of the important items is the scuba fins, also called flippers. These particular items work to help you swim more efficiently and without as much effort. Wearing flippers on your feet allows you to push against the water easier and allows you to have your hands free to explore or carry other supplies. There are different types of flippers available.

An open heel fin is a common choice, mainly because it is adjustable. You will need to wear wet suit booties to protect the bottoms of your feet and provide insulation in cooler water. These types are stiffer, which makes them ideal for dives that use a lot of heavy diving equipment. They are designed to reduce the strain caused by extra resistance.

If you choose open heel flippers, there are two kinds. One has buckles for adjusting. The other has springs that are encased in rubber instead of heel straps. The buckles allow you to snugly secure your flippers, while the spring types allow you to quickly slip in and out of them.

Full foot flippers do not have open heels. They are not adjustable and do not require you to wear wet suit booties. These types are best suited for warmer waters. They are also ideal for shallow water diving, such as snorkeling, because they are made to be lightweight. If you intend to wear them for prolonged periods, fin socks are recommended to avoid discomfort.

There will be different fin sizes to choose. The fin size controls the amount of water that is moved. Larger sizes move more water, which helps you swim easier. The size you choose will depend on the type of dive and your preferences. Flippers that are designed for other types of water sports are usually not appropriate for scuba diving.

The fin will either be solid, split, or hinged. Solid ones are common for new divers. Split varieties are designed to reduce dragging without sacrificing propulsion. Hinged styles will be similar to allow users to adjust the angle of the blade to one of preference.

When choosing scuba fins, make sure you get the proper size. If you will be wearing wet suit booties, try on the flippers while wearing the booties. The top of the pocket edge should reach your ankle, without the strap, but the tips of your toes should not touch the bottom of the pocket. Also, be sure to buy extra replacement straps and keep them with your other diving supplies.