Diving Safely in Key West

Before You Dive Key West

One of the most popular vacation activities on the island is to dive Key West. People from everywhere in the country come to Key West for the pristine waters, activities, nightlife, and of course the diving. With some of the most fertile waters on the planet, visitors are always in for a treat when they dive Key West. However, it is important to know the rules and regulations of scuba diving before you hit the water.

At Key West Dive Center, your safety is of the highest concern to us. We want your vacation to be the best it can be and for you to be as safe as possible. Before you sign up for a trip to dive Key West, take a look over these tips and tricks for finding out which underwater package is right for you.

You Must Be Certified To Scuba Dive.

Scuba diving is not something to be taken lightly. It is a skill that requires a lot of work to master and lot of time to maintain. Because of the dedication involved with learning to scuba dive, only certified divers are allowed to dive Key West. But not to fear, while on vacation in Key West, it is amazingly easy to get yourself certified. It simply takes a few supervised dives and an informational class.

At Key West Dive Center, we offer certification courses for people who have always wanted to scuba dive but have never had the opportunity to learn. We have courses that range in duration from a few days to potentially only a few minutes. Regardless of whether you are certified and need some extra practice or are just learning about scuba diving, Reef Radiers can help you dive Key West to its fullest.

Everyone Is Welcome To Go Snorkeling

If you want to dive Key West, but don't have the time or money to invest in a certification course, then snorkeling is just what the doctor ordered. Because snorkeling is relatively easy, it has become an immensely popular sport for participants of any age. Because there is no special training required, getting the family out into the water has never been easier.

Different Dives Require Different Certifications

Scuba diving isn't a one size fits all proposition. Different dives on the island require different levels of certification. Some dives, like shipwreck dives on the Vandenberg, only go moderately deep, so those with moderate or advanced certifications can take part. We also offer refresher courses for those who need a little time to get reacquainted with the water.