Dive Master Course

Do you go to sleep each night dreaming about diving in the crystal clear waters of Key West and the rest of the world or experiencing new underwater adventures? Do you have a deep passion for diving? If so, why not make a career out of doing something you love by becoming a Dive Master and teaching Key West diving classes to eager scuba diving students?

By becoming a Dive Master and joining others in this tight-knit tribe, you will immediately align yourself with the other professionals widely respected throughout the scuba diving world. Dive Masters share a burning desire for diving and preserving the world’s beloved underwater habitats.

The Dive Master Course

If you are looking to take the first step to a rewarding career as a Key West diving instructor, then your adventure into the world of professional scuba diving begins with the internationally recognized Dive Master program. Working side-by-side with a highly experienced instructor, you will be able to expand your diving skills to the professional level. The training involved in the Dive Master program will also help you develop your leadership abilities, while qualifying you to assist instructors and supervise diving activities as well. Every diver desiring a Scuba Instructor or Assistant Instructor certification must first obtain their Dive Master certification.

What You Learn in the Dive Master Program

Throughout the Dive Master program, you will learn crucial dive leadership skills through classroom instruction and independent study. You will complete stamina exercises, water skills exercises, and other exercises that will expand your ability to solve problems and help others become skilled scuba divers. This knowledge is then put into practice through multiple practical training exercises and a structured internship. After honing your skills and increasing your diving knowledge, you will use these key attributes to mentor, motivate, and lead other divers, all the while taking great satisfaction in seeing others transformed by the magical beauty of the underwater realm.

  • After earning your Dive Master certification you will be able to:
  • Supervise training activities
  • Plan, organize, and direct non-training related dives
  • Assist instructors during any Diver course
  • Conduct the Discover Snorkeling course and Skin Diver program
  • Conduct the Scuba Review course and Discover Local Diving program
  • Earn a rating as a Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor
  • Accompany Open Water Diver students, and much more!

In order to take the Dive Master course and propel your Key West diving career, you must be at least 18 years old, hold an Advanced Open Water Diver certification, hold a Rescue Diver certification, and have completed an Emergency First Response Primary or Secondary course within the past two years. You must also have a minimum of 40 dives under your belt at the beginning of the course and complete a total of 60 dives in order to gain certification.

If you meet all of these course entry requirements, you can enter the world-renowned Dive Master program and begin the exciting journey to becoming a Key West diving instructor. Become a Dive Master today and enjoy a scuba diving career in Key West or anywhere in the world!