Certification Information

Diving In Key West -- Great Options For Getting Certified

Diving in Key West is one of the most popular activities on the island. Tourists from all over the country flock to the island in droves to go diving Key West. To go diving in Key West is to truly experience the city at its most beautiful. The crisp warm waters surrounding the island are home to some of the most diverse and astounding marine life on earth. From the living reef to a Key West dolphin, there is no telling what you will see in the underwater world.

Because scuba diving is a skill that must be learned, you must take a certification course before you can begin scuba diving. At Key West Dive Center, we offer certification courses for anyone who wants to take the plunge, but just needs to get certified first. From Open Water Certification to refresher courses, we can help make your dreams of scuba diving in Key West a reality.

Open Water Certification Diving In Key West And Beyond

The completion of an Open Water Certification course gives you the ability to go diving anywhere in the world, not just diving in Key West. From Australia to South Africa, no great dives will be off limits to you. It is a perfect course for vacationers who want to fully experience diving Key West.

The certification course is truly an academic pursuit. Our Open Water Certification course will give you all of the knowledge you need to go on deep dives. During the three to four day course, you will not only learn valuable information in the classroom, but you will also start to put it to use in the pool. The last two days you will complete four dives with your instructor. The length of the class can be shortened to two or three days if you have us send the books out to you so you can complete the textbook and take the end chapter tests.

Advanced Certification Diving In Key West At Its Best

If you don't quite have the time to do an Open Water Certification course, but you still want to go diving in Key West, an Advanced Certification course may be for you. The course will give you the training you need to enjoying night diving in Key West, wreck diving in Key West, and dives of up to 120 feet below the surface.

The duration of the course is typically two days with instructional dives taking place on both days. It is the perfect dive for those who want to enjoy everything when diving Key West.

A Refresher Course Diving Back In

If you're already certified and you're feeling a little rusty, there is no better way to get your head back into the game than by taking a refresher course. You can take a dive in our training pool with one of our instructors reviewing your skills for as long as you need. For some, it may only take a half-hour, for other, the full two hour course may be needed.