Dive the Aquanaut in Key West

One of the best things about vacations to exotic locations is having the opportunity to experience the wildlife from a personal perspective. When it comes to truly experiencing Key West, there is no other aspect of the surroundings that is as thrilling as the marine life. Scuba diving is the ultimate adventure that gives you a close look at the beauty that nature has to offer in these crystal-clear waters. In addition to seeing the life of the ocean as closely as possible, scuba diving even allows you the opportunity to touch and engage the most beautiful creatures that mother nature has to offer. Key West Scuba Dive is one of the most trusted and experienced organization in the area that offers this opportunity for adventure to visitors and residents. They specialize in tours to many different waters of the Keys in addition to many different packages that are geared towards divers of all skill levels.

Key West Scuba Diving offers 16 different dive sites that provide unique chances to see a huge variety of sea life. From dolphins to giant sting rays, the bounty of the aquatic wonders to see is amazing. The most popular of the dives offered to visitors is known as the Aquanaut. The site is named after the wreckage of a wooden tug boat that extends to over 55 feet. This ship sank in 1967 and exists as one of the most pristine wreckage sites in all of the Key West waters. In addition to being nearly completely intact, this magnificent boat has an intriguing history as well. It was used to pull freight by the Chet Alexander Marine Salvage Company. The boat itself actually sank while in dock, and the company benefactor, Chet Alexander, deemed her to be un-salvageable after his own personal inspection of the wreckage.

Divers exploring the Aquanaut will plunge into 75 feet of water that surrounds the edge of the Gulf stream that stretches for over half a mile along the southern border of the Western Sambo Reef. The wreck is in such good condition and so isolated from the general public and other divers that there is no marker to guide you to its location. Taking advantage of the wonders that it has to offer requires the guidance of an experienced diver who has been to the site before. The number of creatures that make this wreck their favorite place for resident are extensive. The aquatic life includes crabs, yellowtail snapper, lobsters, shrimp, and large stingrays. There is no finer example of the kind of experiences that Key West Scuba Diving has to offer than those presented by the Aquanaut.