3 Great Diving Locations

For those about to vacation in Key West, the possibilities for diving and snorkeling fun are seemingly endless. Many wrecks and reefs line the coastal area around the island, giving you numerous opportunities to explore, learn about, and appreciate the striking differences between life above and below sea level.

At the Key West Dive Center, it is our mission to not only provide you with a unique and lasting Key West diving experience, we also hope to educate you about the majesty and beauty of the marine world. When planning a Key West diving or Key West snorkeling trip, take note of these three great Key West diving locations.

The Cayman Salvager

The Cayman Salvager is a boat with a long, sordid, and questioned history. Originally built in 1937, the boat allegedly became a buoy tender, cable layer, and eventually a freighter. Adding to the mystique of the vessel, some call the legitimacy of these claims into question.

In 1979, the boat was involved in the transportation of Cuban refugees toward the United States. Because this practice was not legal for a U.S. boat, the Cayman Salvager was seized and sank shortly after. It was then decided to lift and remove the boat from the docks so that it might serve as a site for wreck fishermen. On the way to what would have been its final resting place, the boat sank again. Because the ship was stripped before sinking and since it is only in 90 feet of water, it harbors a diverse variety of sea life and is easily accessible to those on Key West diving trips.

Nine Foot Stake

If your group contains a mixture of people wishing to do some Key West diving and Key West snorkeling, then the Nine Foot Stake is easily one of the most accessible destinations for your posse. Because it is a shallow wreck, it is easy for divers and snorkelers to share in the experience of seeing how nature stakes a claim on everything in her domain.

Its shallow resting place also makes it an ideal setting for underwater photography and there is a lot to photograph. Brain coral, hermit crab, and anemones all call this small, bustling sea wreck home.

Sand Key

Sand Key is another great spot for combination Key West snorkeling and Key West diving trips. Along with Rock Key and Eastern Dry Rocks, Sand Key is a part of a conservation area known as the Sanctuary Preservation Area.

Every dive and snorkel at Sand Key is a unique experience due to the effect of the weather and current on the conditions surrounding the island. Brilliant and varied sea life congregates in the coral reef, which circles Sand Key. Another striking feature is the light tower, which provides stunning views of the island of Key West and serves as a landmark for those trying to find the dive spot.